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With time, the metallic screen enclosures may oxidize hence becoming loose and unstable. With years of built up mold, dirt, mildew, fungus and many more, the aging process of your screen enclosure may be accelerated. To remedy this, the screens will need to be replaced or repaired. At Poolside Screen Repair, Inc, we provide world class screen repairs that will last.

Quality at affordable price

Poolside Screen Repair, Inc offer high quality rescreening and repair at competitive prices. We know how important to have your pool, back porch or lanai rescreened.

We have the expertise

This is where our expertise, extensive training and experience come in to help restore your screens. We follow all the requisite processes to restore your screens to their original condition. No matter the size of your rescreens repair work, you can trust us to get it done effectively and on time.

We use high quality materials

We only choose the highest quality of materials for our customers rescreens repair projects. It’s because of this that we work with a few select suppliers who have awesome products that meet the highest standards.


  1. We start out by pressure cleaning all of the aluminum prior to any Screen removal or installation.
  2. We take out all of the old screen and haul it away so the homeowner does not have to worry about disposing of the old screen.
  3. We go around the enclosure and make sure that all of the missing and broken screws are all fastened back in
  4. We then replace all of the Door Hardware (handles, locks, closers, striker plates and bug-sweeps. This way your doors will open, close, and lock properly.
  5. We then commence on replacing all of the screen panels and spline. We cut them and install them separately (unless it is round spline).
  6. We clean up our mess and leave you with a beautiful area to enjoy with your friends and family. Bug and debris Free.

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