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Ocoee, Florida has 235 sunny days every year against a U.S. average of 205 days, with summer temperatures reaching a high of 92 degrees F. The Orange County city receives 50 inches or rain each year (which rain over 74 days) against a U.S. average of 39 inches. Ocoee also has a high UV index of 6.1 against a U.S. average of 4.3. These climatic conditions, coupled with the plentiful buys and wildlife, make pool screens a necessity.

Pool screen repair is necessary from time to time to keep the screen and the framing in good condition. Although some Ocoee residents opt for DIY pool screen repair, engaging a pro is recommended for quality work, for safety reasons, and to prevent voiding the warranty. Many DIY-ers also underestimate the work that goes into repairing pool screen enclosures.

Pool screen repair starts with the removal of the damaged screen, which involves lifting up the end of the spline holding the screen and gently pulling the spline out of the groove to allow for the pulling of the screen off the frame.

Next, the panels that are to be re-screened are measured and corresponding pieces of screen cut (with an extra inch as allowance).

A new screen spline of the same size as the one removed is then cut. The screen spline removed can be reused if it is dry and not cracked.

As someone holds the screen panel in front of the frame, one end of the spline is pushed into the frame’s groove using a spline tool, starting at 1 corner and leaving an inch or two of excess on top (which will be cut off later).

Next, all the spline is worked into the groove by pressing as the screen is rolled into place. The other party has to hold the screen tautly to avoid crooked or wrinkled installation.

Any excess screen handing off the spline groove is then cut off using a box cutter (in an outward facing motion to prevent accidental cuts into the screen).

The process is then repeated for all panels that require re-screening. If the framing had also been damaged, framing of similar dimensions is used. When going for a different look, the screen cut has to fit the dimensions of the new frame.

This work requires patience and precision. Hiring a pro also ensures you do not have to buy the specialized tools such as a spline tool and the equipment needed for the job.

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