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Dr. Phillips Pool Screen Repair

Many residents of Dr. Phillips, FL have covered their pools with pool screen enclosures. This is mostly for functional purposes, but also for cosmetic reasons. Below are a few reasons why you should engage a pool screen repair company the moment you notice a problem.

  • Protecting your kids and pets: Kids and pets need a safe outside environment to play in. A pool screen means you do not have to worry every time you do not see your kid or pet for 5 seconds.
  • Outdoor dining and relaxation: Screen enclosures allow you to enjoy great outdoor experiences like outdoor dining and relaxation. Dr. Phillips’ humid summer season is characterized by high temperatures in the region of mid to lower 90s °F, making it impossible to enjoy a meal or a nap outdoor. Bugs can also make your outdoor experience unbearable. Pool screens take care of these two problems.
  • Less cleaning: No one enjoys cleaning the pool. A pool enclosure that is in a good state of repair keeps out leaves, debris, and dirt. A dirty pool is an eyesore.
  • Keeping pests and wildlife out: Finding flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs on your pool every morning is very frustrating, as is constantly having to swap bugs away when relaxing besides your pool. Bugs thrive in Dr. Phillips due to its humid subtropical climate, making pool screens a necessity. Florida is also home to alligators, snakes, and turtles, among other wildlife. Pool screens should be in good repair to keep all these out.
  • Extended pool life: When you repair the pool screen regularly, you increase the life of the pool since you will keep debris away from the filters (which make the pumping system work extra hard) and you will use less chlorine.
  • UV and rain protection: Dr. Phillips sun can be unforgiving. A worn pool screen will not keep UV rays away. UV rays are harmful for the skin not only causing sunburns, but also increasing the risk of skin cancer. Pool screens also keep rain away, which is important given that Dr. Phillips gets average annual rainfall of 50.6 inches.
  • Privacy: Pool screens that are worn out will not provide the privacy they should. Note that today’s pool screen technologies block out nosey neighbors completely through digital prints that are bonded on the screen while allowing you to see the outside clearly. 

A good pool screen also increases the resale value of your home. Repairs should be left to a pro for safety reasons, to ensure you get the best screen material, and for quality workmanship.

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